Jaimie D'Cruz and Chris King: Exit through the Gift Shop

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The documentary  Exit through the Gift Shop examines the street-art movement through one of its champions and an observer who fell in love with it. Producer Jaimie D'Cruz and editor Chris King discuss an unusual romance.

Directed by the uber-secretive street artist-come-anarchist known as Banksy, the film started out being about street art, but thanks to the indomitable Thierry Guetta (aka Mr Brainwash), developed into an examination of the world of contemporary art. Thierry's infatuation with Banksy and his contemporaries such as Shepard Fairey, led him to become an prolific artist himself, with works selling for a small fortune. Some consider the documentary a hoax (that Thierry and Banksy are one and the same, or at least in cahoots), while others see it as a classic case of life imitating art, or is it art imitating life? 


Banner image: (L to R) Chris King and Jaimie D’Cruz



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