Janusz Kaminski: Lincoln

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Janusz Kamiński has twice won the Academy Award for cinematography, for Schindler's List and again for Saving Private Ryan. His latest work, Lincoln, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis, is the thirteenth time that Kamiński has collaborated with director Steven Spielberg. "I will do anything that Spielberg does," he says. But he's worked with other directors too, including Judd Apatow on Funny People, Cameron Crowe on Jerry Maguire and Julian Schnabel on The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Whomever he's working with, Kamiński's creative aesthetic is recognizable, with a dramatic emphasis on close-up, and an infusion of 70's-inspired blue-gray light. This week, Kamiński talks about his creative partnership with the most ubiquitous director of our time, plus how his immigration from Poland to America started with a search for the perfect pair of jeans.



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