Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Don Jon

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been in movies and television since he was six years old. That's enough time in the trenches to skew anyone's perspective, but for Gordon-Levitt, it has only ignited his fascination with media and how it makes us see the world. That's exactly the subject of his first film as writer/director, Don Jon, in which Gordon-Levitt stars as Jon, a club-hopping Casanova who takes great pride in his crib, his car, and of course, his women. He brings a different one home every night, but even that isn't enough to squash his addiction to pornography. In this revealing interview, Gordon-Levitt talks about his own complicated relationship with media, and how working on 50/50 with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg helped him conceptualize Don Jon.



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