Kurt Sutter: Sons of Anarchy

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Kurt Sutter is sick of people comparing his show to Breaking Bad, the AMC hit that ended its five-season run earlier this year. The larger-than-life members of the motorcycle gang Sons of Anarchy are almost mythological, a far cry from Bryan Cranston's Walter White, an ordinary chemistry teacher who is met with some pretty extraordinary circumstances. SOA, now wrapping up its sixth season on FX, isn't supposed to be about people like us. Creator Kurt Sutter says that point of view has a lot to do with his start in theater, studying the great playwrights including Israel Horovits and August Strindberg. Comparing a show about a California motorcycle gang to the classics might seem strange, but the show does lend itself to a sort of 'theatre of the absurd.' "It's not too real," Sutter tells host Elvis Mitchell, "I knew if it was point for point realistic it wouldn't be an enjoyable show to watch."





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