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poster.jpgIt's the voice, not just his own speaking voice but the way a character sounds that matters to Michael Caine (Get Carter, The Italian Job, The Cider House Rules, Alfie, The Dark Knight, Zulu) . His new film is Harry Brown, and he'll discusses sound.

Directed by Daniel Barber and co-starring Emily Mortimer, the film looks at the violent drug-fueled gangs of a decrepit London housing project,  and how an ex-Marine, recently bereaved of both his wife and best friend, decides enough is enough.

Caine discusses his epic film career, how growing up in a rough area of south London and being in the National Service has influenced his acting style, and that his first decision after accepting a role is his hair style. He says that Harry Brown is not a violent film,  but a film about violence and how its shocking themes were initially brought to light in A Clockwork Orange.

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