Sally Menke

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"An editor is as important a component of a movie as the director. They often serve the function of sounding board and collaborator. Sally Menke was just that person. She worked with Quentin Tarantino on all of his films, starting with Reservoir Dogs. He was fond of saying that their teamwork was such that they finished each others sentences. I got to be friends with Sally, and admired her talent and her taste. She was a sensualist which gave her the ability to add an emotional narrative to films. We taped an interview in 2010 which she was a little anxious about. She was in the studio at KCRW and I was in New York. She would liked to have had another go at the interview, and we talked about that but unfortunately we never got around to it. She passed away last fall. Thanks to the work of another editor with taste, my producer Gemma Dempsey, I'm pleased to present this interview with Sally Menke."

-- Elvis Mitchell



Gemma Dempsey