Sofia Coppola: The Bling Ring

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Sofia Coppola gravitates towards stories where the drama derives internally, from within the characters, whether it's the title character in Marie Antoinette, Stephen Dorff's character in Somewhere or the character of Mark in her latest film, The Bling Ring. But The Bling Ring is also quite a departure from her previous work. It centers around a group of teenagers in Calabasas, California, who are obsessed with the glitzy, glamorous, lives of Hollywood celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge, so much so that they start breaking into their homes. The Bling Ring has more of a conventional narrative than her other films, and it's also the first film Coppola has made that's based on a true crime. She talks about working through these challenges while staying true to her unique style, growing up in Napa, and her collaboration with recently passed cinematographer Harris Savides.



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