Wes Anderson: The Grand Budapest Hotel

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You might think of Wes Anderson as a filmmaker with a very singular vision. So many of his films, from Rushmore to The Life Aquatic, have a particular elegance and showmanship about them, and a particular aesthetic that makes you say, 'this must be a Wes Anderson film.' The truth is, Anderson is one of the most collaborative filmmakers working today. Whether it's with Owen Wilson, Noah Baumbach, Roman Coppola, or Jason Schwartzman, Anderson has co-written every one of his feature films. He co-wrote the story for his eighth feature as co-writer/director, The Grand Budepest Hotel, with new collaborator Hugo Guinness. He says he needs that collaboration in order to enhance his own vision. These writers are friends, and each partnership results in a product that reflects their particular friendship. "I want to make an experience that people feel things and that's entertaining and interesting and engaging in whatever way. I need help for that."






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