Will Gluck: Annie

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Annie started as a satirical comic strip, then became a Broadway smash in 1972, and a gritty John Huston film ten years later. Then, in 1998, Jay-Z remixed 'Hard Knock Life,' and suddenly, Annie was new again. Jay-Z is now a producer on the story's latest incarnation, a new film by writer/director Will Gluck.

Annie is unique he says, in that everyone seems to have a sense of ownership of it, from Jay-Z to the girl who played Annie in her junior high production. Gluck says there's also a big difference between the way adults and kids view the story, especially when it comes to its socio-economic and racial themes. Plus, he shares his thoughts on the Sony hack, which resulted in a leaked version of the film hitting the internet before hitting theaters: "It was devastating."

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