Zach Braff: Wish I Was Here

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Ten years ago, Garden State premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, proving that not only did actor Zach Braff have comedic acting chops (on NBC's Scrubs), but he also had a keen eye for writing and directing independent dramas. In his second film as co-writer/director/star, Wish I Was Here, Braff plays Aidan Bloom, a 35-year-old actor and father of two who struggles to be present in his life, despite its myriad of challenges: his wife (played by Kate Hudson) is being sexually harassed at a dead end job, he hasn't gotten paid acting work in months, and his father is dying of cancer. On The Treatment, Braff talks about his biggest influences, including The Graduate and Harold and Maude. Plus, his most recent gig, doing eight shows a week in Bullets Over Broadway.

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