Becoming Cuban, Mary Shelley's Santa Claus and A C

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  • Becoming Cuban
    Playwright Carlos Lacamara illuminates the weird logic of living in a totalitarian state.
    At the Hudson Guild Theatre, 6543 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood.
    Through 21 December.
  • Mary Shelley-s Santa Claus The Cornerstone Theater Company deconstructs Christmas legends in a multi media productions with poetry and puppets.
    At Armory Northwest, 965 N. Fair Oaks, Pasadena.
    Through 22 December.
  • A Christmas Carol King
    Anarchy reigns at the shameless retelling of the Dickens standard.
    At the Falcon Theatre, 4252 Riverside Dr, Burbank.
    Through 29 December.

Review by Ed Newton