The Maiden's Prayer

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Hollywood feeds off the dreams of young actors and actresses. And theatre in Hollywood is no exception. Much of the motivation behind performers committing themselves to plays in small theatres, is the hope that they will be "seen" by someone - and agent, manager, casting director, who will somehow give them their next break up the food chain. It rarely happens, but happens just enough to keep the kids coming. At worst, these are pointless vanity productions; at best, they are, like the production of Nicky Silver's THE MAIDEN'S PRAYER at the Complex on Santa Monica Boulevard, earnest (sometimes too earnest) pieces of work. Here, despite shoddy production values (obviously caused by budget constraints) and what could be generously called leisurely pacing, the production of a fairly dated play about Gen-X-ers in love, out of love, and somewhere in between, took on some real significance thanks to the dedicated acting of the young ensemble. Mehgan Judge and Caroline Gillette play disaffected, competitive sisters, one married, one a prostitute, while Riley Schmidt, Stephen Bowman and Ryan Fox play the three men of fluid sexualities who circle around them. There's nothing new or exciting here, just refreshingly honest, good work by a young cast who I hope does well. THE MAIDEN'S PRAYER closes this weekend.