Democratic Convention

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Unusual stories rom the convention. Act one. Host Ira Glass with balloon wranglers, at a party &quotstrategy; seminar" and elsewhere at the convention.Act two. The latest installment of Michael Lewis's campaign diaries, which are published in the New Republic. Today, Michael makes Al Gore nervous. Act three. Michael Lewis on Dick Morris, and other subjects. Act four. A few years ago, Alex Kotlowitz published his book &quotThere; Are No Children Here" about two brothers in the Henry Horner public housing project in Chicago. That project sits across the street from the Democratic Convention, and one of the boys - Pharoah Walton - now 18 years old - takes us on a tour of what's been cleaned up in the neighborhood for the convention - and what hasn't. Act five. Danny Drennan has developed a style of writing about television that is unique. Usually he does a weekly wrap-up of the program &quotBeverly; Hills 90210" on the Inquisitor ezine webpage ; today he reviews the Democratic Convention



Ira Glass