Give It to Them

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Polls show that most Israelis are confused about what to think about the current situation. &quotGive; It To Them" is a bumper sticker slogan from Tel Aviv that captures the contradictory feelings. In Hebrew it has the same sad double meaning as in English -- Nachzir L'Hem V'Shalom Al Yisrael -- meaning, roughly, &quotGive; it to them and there'll be peace in Israel." That is, &quotGive; back the territories and there will be peace in Israel" and also &quotSock; it to them and there will be peace in Israel." This week, stories of what life is like these days in Israel and the West Bank ... with Palestinians stuck indoors for weeks under curfew ... and many Israelis trying to ignore the conflict, though that, of course, isn't easy. Adam Davidson and Nancy Updike report with Ira Glass.



Ira Glass