This American Life Marathon, Part II

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Noon:  Meet The Pros
The story of one man's journey from obscurity to international professional celebrity, aided only by his own hard work, a sneaker commercial, and mad handles. And other stories of amateurs to
hurtling themselves at the pros whose jobs they covet. (9/1/01)

1 pm: Somewhere in the Arabian Sea
Life aboard the USS John C. Stennis, an aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea that's flying bombing missions over. Only a few dozen people on board actually fly F-18s and F-14's. It takes the rest of the crew - over 5,000 people - to keep them in the air. (3/01/02)

2 pm: Break Up
What happens when the romance is over.

3 pm: My Experimental Phase
Three stories about people who decide to try out a new life. The kind of life their parents never wanted for them. (06/25/04)

4 pm: Godless America
When former House Majority Leader Tom Delay called for enacting a "Biblical world view" in government, as Christians assert their ideals in the selection of judges, in public school science classes and elsewhere, TAL spends an hour trying to remember why anyone liked the separation of church and state in the first place. (06/03/05)

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