Twentieth Century Man

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A program for the end of the year. Keith Aldrich's life is a history of most of the major cultural shifts of the 20th century. He was born in the depression in Oklahoma, was a preacher-in-training in booming California, an aspiring Hollywood actor. In the 50's he remade himself as a self-styled beat writer, then as a man in a grey flannel suit. In the 60's he became part of the New York literati ... then went through a hippie phase ... then moved to the suburbs for a 70's era partying &quotIce; Storm" kind of life. When the Moral Majority helped put Ronald Reagan in office, he became born-again Christian. He married five times and had nine children, one of whom, Gillian Aldrich, traveled the country interviewing her siblings to put together this hour-long history of one man and his times.



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