An Afternoon of Stories from KCRW's Independent Producer Project

KCRW's Independent Producer Project collaborates with the most talented independent producers, writers, and artists in the country to bring you great stories. You can hear them on all of our KCRW programs, from UnFictional, to Strangers, to Which Way, LA?, to Good Food

This afternoon, as our gift to you, we're sharing our favorite stories of 2013, all created by independent audio producers. You'll hear about a little-known 1950's Chicano musician, who dominated the East LA music scene while keeping a really big secret. You'll meet a Palestinian-American actor who changed his identity in order to go on tour with Barbara Streisand. And we'll take you along on a trip to the salt flats of Utah, where a lapsed Mormon searches for her mother's ghost. Plus, we're airing a sneak preview of the upcoming episode of The Organist, with actress/writer Lena Dunham in conversation with children's author Judy Bloom.

Hosted by Bob Carlson and produced by Jenny Radelet, airs Christmas Day, from noon - 2:30pm




Jenny Radelet