This season on UnFictional: Stories of fantasy: a childhood dream that becomes a life, impossible goals, underground worlds, adapting to new realities, memories of old friends and relations that become more real than the truth. It’s UnFictional, hosted by Bob Carlson.

UnFictional host Bob Carlson’s journey on the inside of rock and roll radio.

Mary Lorson explores scenes from her childhood in a personal memoir musical documentary.

A promising job drew Fedelina Lugasan to the U.S. from the Philippines, she’d start her new life with a family she trusted.

A man finds an old reel to reel tape that reveals much more than just flying saucers and alien conspiracy theories.

Ove the rowing man. A stranger who came by way of the ocean, and was soon no longer a stranger.

Maurcio, star of a hit Mexican television show, is abandoned in the desert while trying to cross the border.

Mauricio leaves Mexico City for Los Angeles, and his dreams of television come true in a very unlikely way.

One man’s treasure is another man’s Olympic gold medal.