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Stories of soccer in the international city: Los Angeles

Soccer has always been in Los Angeles, kept alive by immigrant communities across the city, playing their version of the world’s game.

British footballers finding each other in Hollywood; bantering and battling their way through the LA Municipal League, the passion for fútbol that runs through generations of Mexican and central American families, and how AYSO youth soccer turned South Bay, Los Angeles into Soccer City, and a soccer store that’s like a social barber shop for the city.
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Soccer is a pillar of LA culture, driven by Mexican and Latin American communities around the city. Two Mexican-American fans talk about rooting for more than one hometown team in Los Angeles and in Mexico. A man built a giant shoebox in his backyard to hold his collection of Mexico jerseys and Adidas sneakers. And, Mexican-American Erik Dueñas has been playing in the Los Angeles Football club youth system since he was 12.

Jose Salcedo and his Adidas Collection. Photo by Bob Carlson.

Julio Ramos and LAFC team captain Carlos Vela. Photo by Julo Ramos.

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Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson