Fútbol Confidential: Hollywood United

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Stories of soccer in the international city: Los Angeles

Soccer has always been in Los Angeles, kept alive by immigrant communities across the city, playing their version of the world’s game.

British footballers finding each other in Hollywood; bantering and battling their way through the LA Municipal League, the passion for fútbol that runs through generations of Mexican and central American families, and how AYSO youth soccer turned South Bay, Los Angeles into Soccer City, and a soccer store that’s like a social barber shop for the city.
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United football club was a legendary LA city league team formed over beers in a Santa Monica pub by British expatriates. The core of the team were blue collar workers and everyday guys who knew how to play, but the team roster was occasionally dotted with actors and rock stars, so they were called Hollywood United. Along the way, many members of the team were hired to be "soccer players" in films or TV commercials. They gained notoriety in the LA football community, won trophies and raised money for charity.

The main voice of the story is Hilton Goring who is a cameraman and played on the team for over 20 years. He shot video of the team from the sidelines after he broke his leg during a game when he collided with an opposing goaltender as Hilton was rushing the goal.

Hilton Goring. Photo courtesy of Hilton Goring.

Players from Hollywood United at Farmers Market (L to R) Gilbert Montoya, Brendan Bourke, Hilton Goring, Stuart Rickwood,  Bryan Jordan (Friend and former LA Galaxy player). Photo courtesy of Hilton Goring.

Hollywood United during their unbeaten season. Photo courtesy of Hilton Goring.

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Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson