Connie and Pedro

Connie and Pedro: A personal story of crossing the border and protecting the border. We hear from a woman named Connie, who talks to her mother about their long ago illegal crossing to the US from Mexico, and the family’s early struggles to raise their children here. After that, we learn about the unexpected turn in Connie's life, when her husband takes a job that challenges what it means to be an immigrant. It's a fascinating, funny and thoughtful lesson in family, culture and patriotism.

Also, 400 Words for 79th Street, a heartbreaking tale of an Inuit Eskimo boy who finds himself in turn of the century New York City.

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Watch the animated version of Connie and Blanca's story, produced by StoryCorps.


 These are some of the objects found in the desert near the border
that are mentioned in the story



Songs used during this story, courtesy of UnFictional music supervisor Dan Wilcox, heard Saturday nights on Midnight on KCRW.

Song: The Stars in Autumn
Artist: Epic 45
Album: Epic 45

Song: Siesta Con Susana
Artist: Nobody
Album: And Everything Else...

Song: Halo Halo
Artist: Palov & Mishkin
Album: Think Twice

Song: Menudo Jaleo
Artist: Gnawledge
Album: Granada Doaba

Song: Balabaristas
Artist: Tristeza
Album: A Colores

Song: Ever Since
Artist: Dirty Three
Album: Cinder



Bob Carlson, Nate DiMeo