On this program, three very funny stories told by L.A. based storytellers. In all three tales, the human's life is significantly changed by the peculiar feelings we have about our pets. (This programs originally aired on May 10, 2011.)

lauren.jpgBad Dog
In the first story, performer Lauren Weedman adopts a dog, then realizes too late that he's much more than she can handle. It isn't until she finds the dog a new home, that Lauren understands what their relationship was all about.

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carlos.jpgFor Lucy
Carlos Kotkin was last heard on UnFictional telling twin prom stories. In this episode, Carlos tells the story of the five hens that were his childhood companions. Among them was the mighty grey chicken, who was more than a friend, she was a role model.

Carlos Kotkin is a 10-time Moth storyslam winner, including the Moth Grandslam. His forthcoming comic memoir, Please, God, Let It Be Herpes: A Heartfelt Quest For Love & Companionship, will be published by Penguin's New American Library. He's at



jonah.jpgCat Lady
Shaz Bennett has a lot of thoughts about the most awesomest cat in the world, 70's television,  spontaneous lactation and All about Eve. All of this is important to understand the difference between cat love and dog love.

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