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Tara loves magic, and she'd always believed in ghosts, so she wasn’t surprised when she started to notice strange things at her Los Feliz apartment, like open doors and strange sounds. But then she discovered something more frightening than any ghost.

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Tara with Eugene Burger, her teacher at the Magic and Mystery School.
Photo courtesy of Tara Walker

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The first night Tara (right) attended the Magic Castle as a member,
with Sabrina (left) and friend Steve Shin. Photo courtesy of Tara Walker.

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Tara's Los Feliz backyard with friends Photo courtesy of Tara Walker.

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Tara's backyard. Photo courtesy of Tara Walker.



Bob Carlson


Carla Green, Tara Walker

Engineer: Ray Guarna
Bob Carlson and Nick White
Theme music by Alex Weston, with music help from Joe Augustine and Narrative Music.
Episode art by Tina Carlson.

The music featured is “Unknown Destination” by Norwegian composer Kaada from his forthcoming album Closing Statements.
“Unknown Destination" is available now on iTunes
For more about Kaada

Special thanks: Matt Holzman and everyone who came to Tara’s magic show