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When Craig Chester starred in Swoon (1992) he became a face for the 90's New Queer Cinema movement. Some years later he wrote and directed the comedy Adam & Steve about the lives of two gay men and it became a cult hit. But after a string of success he was stumped. Should he go to Los Angeles and make a few bucks in Hollywood? Or should he stay in New York and stick to independent movies? A friend suggested Craig visit a psychic. Craig didn't believe in that kind of stuff, but he figured it couldn't hurt. Then, the psychic introduced Craig to someone who had been following him his entire life: Montgomery Clift, actor and heartthrob from the 50's and 60's.

At first, Craig didn't believe it, but the coincidences piled up and eventually he couldn't deny it. He realized that Clift had been gay (though closeted) in Hollywood decades before him. He started to listen to the advice this visiting mentor was offering. Then Craig started doing everything he could to get close to him.

Story: Craig Chester
Producer: Nick White
Producer: Darby Maloney
Editor, mixing and additional music: Bob Carlson
Production Assistance: Ross Tipograph


Montgomery Clift on-screen with Elizabeth Taylor, his close friend and confidante
Photo courtesy Dr. Macro

Craig with Jack Larson, one-time companion of Montgomery Clift
Courtesy Craig Chester

Craig with friend and medium Josan
Photo courtesy Craig Chester

Craig with Parker Posey his close friend and confidante
Photo courtesy Craig Chester

Craig and Brandon Roberts in Monty's house
Photo courtesy Craig Chester

Craig with Reverend Catherine, a clairvoyant medium based in New York
Photo courtesy Craig Chester

This episode originally aired on January 19, 2015.

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Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson