I Knew You Back Then

First... Hillary Buckholtz grew up in the late 80s. it was a simpler time when you could stalk your your puppy crush without fear of being caught. Unless of course you take it too far. 

Hillary Buckholtz originally told the story at the Story Lotto competition put on by the Writing Pad writing school. She won first place.


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Hillary at Halloween
Courtesy of Hillary Buckholtz


Then... Syklar met Randall when they were just little kids, and they instantly became inseparable friends. Riding scooters, playing basketball, and talking Pokemon, life was good. But eventually Randall moved away, and the two lives took very different paths. 10 years later, the two meet again. 

Produced by Skylar Myers and Kerstin Zilm. Story editing and sound mixing by Bob CarlsonThis story was developed through USC Annenberg's Reporter Corps.


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Randall and Skylar
Courtesy of Skylar Meyers


Finally... Graham Clark remembers this one kid he went to elementary school with, named Scott. Graham was a small kid, who occasionally got bullied. Scott was the coolest and rowdiest kid Graham had ever seen. He got to be his sidekick, and Scott became his bodyguard. 

Graham Clark is a comic based in Vancouver, Canada. The story was produced by Nick White.


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Young Graham
Courtesy of Graham Clark 


Note: This program originally aired on June 6, 2014. 

Banner image based on a photo by Kevin