Joe Frank: Dreamers

Joe Frank has a  30 year career of creating spellbinding radio story stories unlike anything you've ever heard. His work is dark, disorienting, often hilarious and has inspired people like Ira Glass, David Sedaris and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman. On this episode, Joe Frank created his first work for KCRW in 10 years. Dreamers is a contemplation of time and mortality. It includes stories about a family's tragic visit to Palestine and a man who attends a dinner party after learning he might be dying.

Dreamers was written and produced by Joe Frank and features Joe Frank and Larry Block. It was mixed by Ray Guarna.

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Joe Frank Medical and Recovery Fund

The introduction features radio producer Terence Mickey talking about what Joe Frank's work has meant to him over the years. Terence's podcast Memory Motel is produced by The Listening Booth.

This episode originally aired July 4, 2014.



Joe Frank