Joe Frank: Thief

Joe Frank produced his own unique brand of radio stories for three decades, entertaining listeners and inspiring scores of audio producers. After several years away from the radio, Joe began a new batch of radio stories that he premiered here on UnFictional.

On this episode, multiple thefts lead to paranoia in a suburban family, love dies and the crime rate goes up.

Thief was written and narrated by Joe Frank, with music recorded by Kenny Lyon, featuring James Harrah on guitar. The program was mixed by Ray Guarna. Special thanks to Michal Story. A portion of this program originally was published in the New York Times.

At the beginning of the program we hear from radio producer (and Joe Frank fan) Jonathan Goldstein. He used to produce a program called Wiretap, and his brand new show is Heavyweight.

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Note: This episode originally aired on September 25, 2012.



Bob Carlson, Joe Frank