LA Work Day

Seven short pieces produced by graduate students at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. It's a series of snapshots of people at work over the course of a day in Los Angeles.


In the middle of the night, a police dispatcher talks about how her job can be at once stressful, but also rewarding. Produced by Matt Yoka.

A dancer prepares for the "breakfast shift" at Sam's Hofbrau, a strip club near downtown. Produced by Amen Oyiboke-Osifo.

At lunchtime a hostess/waitress at Canter's deli has to move quickly to keep up with the demands of her job, including the mystery of some missing dentures. Produced by Brianna Sacks.

A nanny from El Salvador takes care of a toddler in Silverlake. She loves the children she cares for, but it comes at the price of missing her own children. Produced by Bryony Inge.  

Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights is where mariachi musicians gather, hoping to find their next paying gig. Produced by Emmanuel Martinez.

At a night club downtown, a female restroom attendant deals with hostile patrons, emotional outbursts, and that look when someone is about to vomit. Produced by Danielle Tarasiuk.

A late night security guard patrols an auto impound yard. He's trying to support his wife's dream, but he might be losing sight of his own. Produced by Angie Fiedler-Sutton.

The stories were edited by USC instructors Sandy Tolan and Karen Lowe, along with Bob Carlson and Jenny Radelet.  Special thanks to Willa Seidenberg of Annenberg Radio News, and USC Annenberg journalism school director Michael Parks.


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The communications center where police dispatchers do their work
Courtesy of Matt Yoka

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Venus sits patiently waiting for her turn to work the stage
Courtesy of Amen Oyiboke-Osifo

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Amy Brooks
Courtesy of Brianna Sacks

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Eva and Pearl
Courtesy of Bryony Inge