Man Choubam (I am good)

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Sharon Mashihi is a weirdo and refuses to conform to cultural standards, which has been hard on her relationship with her mom.  But Sharon saw a chance to mend the strife when she bought a ticket to a cruise with Farhang Holakouee, a famous Iranian talk-show psychiatrist. Could therapy and sunshine fix their relationship? Spoiler alert: on the way to the boat, the “Titanic” soundtrack played in the background.

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Alex Weston  with music help from Joe Augustine and Narrative Music

Special thanks: Deena Ecker, Thatcher Keats, Nishat Kurwa, Third Coast Radio Residency for giving Sharon the time, space, community, and mentorship to work on this, all the people who attended Sharon’s listening party, and the most special thanks of all goes to Sharon’s mom.

Produced by Sharon Mashihi

Editors: Bob Carlson and Kaitlin Prest

Episode art by Tina Carlson

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Illustration of Psychiatrist Farhang Holakouee by Jen Ng.



Bob Carlson