My So-Called Guru

Two stories about healers and teachers who do not have the best interests of their students in mind.

LaurenWeedman.jpgIn the first story, Lauren Weedman has suspicions that her boyfriend's yoga healer is interested in more than just his soul.

Lauren Weedman is an actress living in Los Angeles.



flowers.jpgNext, New York producer Wendy Dorr has the story of Jane Wieder. As a young woman, Wieder seemed to have everything going for her, but inside she was miserable. Then she met a spiritual teacher who made her feel content and happy for the first time in her adult life. Despite warnings from her therapist that she was vulnerable to being brainwashed, Jane ended up spending five years in a cult where she lost almost everything.


(This program originally aired May 4, 1012.)



Bob Carlson, Wendy Dorr