Night on Earth

Stealing an idea from Jim Jarmusch, we drop down to five random locations and hear personal stories that all take place in the nighttime.

During the day, Michael White works at the concession booth, handing out popcorn and candy at the movie theatre. But when night comes, he cannot sleep. This story was produced by Matthew Swenson at the Salt Institute for documentary studies, and came to us by way of Hearing Voices.



Ali-Jaffri.jpgUp All Night
Like India, Pakistan has its share of call centers, offering everything from customer service and tech support to health insurance and home security systems. Jessica Partnow takes us through a night in the life of Ali Jaffri, a professional telemarketer in Lahore. Funding provided by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the World Vision Report. Additional reporting by Alex Stonehill and Sarah Stuteville.




Las Vegas
Acclaimed public radio producer and author Scott Carrier took his tape recorder to Las Vegas way back in 1988. He's since become know for his work on This American Life, NPR, and his book of essays Running after Antelope. In the very early Scott Carrier piece for NPR's All Things Considered, he talks to people who are up late and trying their luck in the casinos. This is another story that came to us via Hearing Voices.


carmen_denzell.jpgOff the Bus
Carmen Delzell gets of a bus in Texas at 4am. She's coming back from Mexico with $5.00 in her pocket. She puts her bags in a shopping cart and records this monologue by the side of the road. As she says, "Sometimes the difference between being a traveler and a homeless person is hard to define." This piece was by Carmen Delzell, produced by Jay Allison in 200. It was featured on and aired on NPR a long time ago.



alarm_clock.jpgI Wake Up Holding My Alarm Clock
From One Hello World, an online music project where callers leave a voice-mail recounting an experience, or discussing an issue. The creator then composes and records a soundtrack to the voice-mail. Listen to more One Hello World recordings at