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In Haiti, vodou takes many forms. It is their folk religion, an integral pillar in society and a way of life. Spirit possession, sacrifice and ancestral magic are parts of vodou's DNA. One night when Kristian Leth was 19 years old, he says he met vodou spirits in Haiti. He says they possessed a woman in his father's house, and proceeded to talk to him - through her - for several hours. 15 years later, Kristian goes back to Haiti to visit his father, to learn more about vodou and possession and to ask the question: What happened that night?

Produced by Kristian Leth. Edited by Nick White and Bob Carlson.

Kristian Leth is an award-winning musician, a poet and writer from the Danish Academy and a Prix Italia-winning radio producer and journalist.

Note: This episode originally aired July 12, 2015.

Water is central to the big yearly vodou ritual in Souvenance.
When the initiates touch the water, they become possessed.
Photo by Yuri Horowitz

Mambos dressed in white, stained red by goats' blood.
This woman is possessed by a vodou spirit at the Souvenance ritual.
Photo by Yuri Horowitz

After the water ceremony, the dance moves into the ritual hall.
This woman is also in the grips of spirit possession.
Photo by Yuri Horowitz

Photo by Yuri Horowitz

Kristian Leth interviewing vodou initiate and authority from Cap-Haitien, Eddie Lubin.
Photo by Yuri Horowitz

Photo of Kristian and his dad Jørgen 
Courtesy of Kristian Leth



Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson