Separated by Birth

Two stories about families who have been driven apart...

dickerson.jpgBlack Sheep
Storyteller David Ellis Dickerson tells about his return home as a young man, having renounced his evangelical christian upbringing. He's come home with a mission to save his family from their devotion to a faith he considers hypocritical and dangerous. Armed with deep knowledge obtained from religious school and a dexterity for tearing apart the bible for its logical and historical inaccuracies, he confronts the very center of his family's evangelical christian heart; his own father.  houseofcards.jpg

David's book, House of Cards: Love, Faith, and Other Social Expressions is now out in paperback. Plus, you can find David's Greeting Card Emergencies at his YouTube channel!




joel-polaroid.jpgThis Can Go On Forever
Carol Brobeck and Joel Woodruff recount the adoption and reunion, twenty years later, that defines their relationship. The story centers around the reunion itself, the moment when they actually found each other. This piece won the bronze award at the recent Third Coast International Audio Festival.  It was originally produced by Shea Shackelford and Virginia Millington for Speakeasy Storycast.