The Accidental Parent


Producer Dan Gorenstein tells a story that sounds like a Grimm's fairy tale, but it's a true story of real living people. In it we meet Lexi, a girl who, at the age of four, took on the role of parent of her two and three year-old brothers after their mother and the other adults around simply didn't provide for them; sometimes even leaving the three at home alone for days at a time. Two years later, Lexi and her brothers (who she used to call "my boys") are now living with adoptive parents in a nurturing home, but the experience has had a profound effect on Lexi.


Lexi and her brothers



Mothers Day

Nick was living a globe-trotting, fun-filled life as a professional touring musician. He had a young daughter, but saw her only occasionally during brief visits between tours. When is wife is suddenly left unable to care for her, 10 year-old Molly ends up in her father's life full time. Nick's life is upended and transformed while trying to be both a father and a mother to Molly. Particularly when he's faced with the necessity to explain the facts of female puberty. Produced by Darby Maloney.

This program originally aired in February, 2011.


Bob Carlson, Dan Gorenstein