The Dream is Over

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Pete’s always known there was treasure buried in the mountains near El Paso. But knowing there’s treasure and going to get it are two very different things.

Plus, Eddie Hart had been training for years – steadily making his way to the Olympics with laser-sharp focus. But once he got there, one mistake sent the whole dream crashing down around him.

Will McCarthy is a furniture mover and freelance journalist in Central Texas.

Kerstin Zilm is an independent producer from Germany living in Los Angeles.

The hole in Pete's backyard. Photo credit: Logan Dorne.

Pete. Photo credit: Logan Dorne.




Bob Carlson


Kerstin Zilm

Kerstin Zilm, Will McCarthy

Bob Carlson, Carla Green

Other Credits:
Special thanks to Logan Dorne, who took all the photos of Pete used in this episode.

Theme Music by Alex Weston, with music help from Joe Augustine and Narrative Music. Episode art by Tina Carlson. The whistler: Jonathan Mei.