The Most Dangerous Guy in Norway?

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Trond Henriksen’s mug shot
Courtesy of Steve Urquhart 

 Earlier this year, producer Steve Urquhart went on a fact-finding tour of Europe –– to learn how different countries deal with convicted felons. One of the places he went was Norway – a country that's frequently described as “liberal” and “progressive” when it comes to prison and rehabilitation. From an American perspective, these prisons can be shockingly comfortable and cushy. Halden Prison in the south of Norway – has a reputation for being “the world's most humane jail.”

Trond Henriksen in front of Halden Prison
Courtesy of Steve Urquhart

One former Halden inmate is a man named Trond Henriksen. In his younger days, Trond was addicted to drugs and crime, robbing banks and even kidnapping a policeman. A Norwegian newspaper called him “The Most Dangerous Man in Norway.” 

It was after he was arrested and locked up in Halden, that Trond found the path to a new career, a new life, and a new future.

Produced by Steve Urquhart.

Steve Urquhart is an award-winning radio producer based in London. He’s an announcer for BBC Radio 4, a musician, and he teaches radio production to prison inmates.

You can see the Norwegian documentary which features Trond called "Big Boys Don’t Cry.” (It’s in Norwegian) His YouTube channel also features some of his music.

Trond Henriksen at work on his radio program
Courtesy of Steve Urquhart 


Trond and his girlfriend Bodil
Courtesy of Steve Urquhart 



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