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Randy was a young nerd in 1982, obsessed with film director Francis Ford Coppola. When Randy ordered a pair of shoes from a magazine, it set off a chain of unlikely events that led him to the Tulsa, Oklahoma set of “The Outsiders” and a friendship with his favorite director. Randy’s cosmic twist of fate put him smack in the center of the “Brat Pack,” and jump-started his show business career.

Theme Music by Alex Weston  with music help from Joe Augustine and Narrative Music. Production help from Nomin Ujiyediin.

Episode art by Tina Carlson

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Randy's first picture with the venerable Panaflex camera. Courtesy  Randy Shanofsky.

Randy poses with actors Emilio Estevez and Rob Lowe. Courtesy Randy Shanofsky.

Francis Coppola and Randy, May, 1982 and March, 2016. Courtesy Randy Shanofsky.

Randy on the set of The Outsiders with Susie Hinton and David Inhofe, May, 1982. Courtesy Randy Shanofsky.

Randy with Danny Boy O'Connor.  Courtesy of Randy Shanofsky





Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson