The Two Proms of Carlos Kotkin


On this rebroadcast of a program that originally aired on December 14, 2010, we feature a couple of stories about the rite of passage known as the high school prom. For some people it's a fond memory of youth, but for one man it's an awkward nightmare. Carlos Kotkin is a multiple winner of the story slam competitions at the Moth storytelling shows in Los Angeles. More significantly, he has the unusual distinction of going to a high school prom two separate times, more than ten years apart. On this episode we hear about both events from Carlos' distinctive point of view.  Kotkin is at work on a comic memoir about his romantic misadventures called Please God, Let It Be Herpes, to be published by Penguin's New American Library. 

Plus, Will You Go to Prom With Me? from Curie Youth Radio.


Banner image: Carlos Kotkin preparing for his first high school prom



Bob Carlson