Vampire of Barcelona

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Enriqueta Marti was connected to several child disappearances in Barcelona during the early 20th Century. She has been immortalized in stories, songs and operas. Hers is the scary story that’s told to make children behave. According to legend, she would steal children and would sell unguents made from human ingredients to aristocrats. But then, a 21st Century historian uncovered the truth about Enriqueta Marti.



Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson

Leanne Hayman is a documentary filmmaker from London, UK. Her work has been featured in festivals internationally and was showcased by the United Nations in 2018. Other radio credentials include producing for NPR and Icelandic national broadcasters RÚV.

Neil Innes is an Australian-raised, English-born writer, filmmaker, musician and photographer who lives in Barcelona. Jack of all trades and a master of none, Neil has made documentaries, music videos and short films for more than 25 years on three continents. He would get a lot more done if he wasn’t addicted to radio.   

Andrés Bartos is a filmmaker, editor and producer born in La Paz, Bolivia. He’s managed international productions for NPR, Vice News HBO and CNN and is currently a producer, director, and editor for Noon Films in Barcelona. This is his first foray into radio.

Andrés Bartos, Leanne Hayman and Neil Innes

Bob Carlson

Other Credits:
Theme Music by Alex Weston, with music help from Joe Augustine and Narrative Music. Episode art by Tina Carlson. The whistler: Jonathan Mei.

Translations voiced by Andrés Bartos, Aisha Prigann and Marcos García. Sound mix by Andrés Bartos and Bob Carlson, with engineering support from Dave Bianchi.

Thanks to Marc Pastor, Elsa Plaza, Jordi Corominas, and La Premsa d’aquell dia. The “La Vampira del Raval” musical was directed by Jaume Villanueva, written by Josep Arias Velasco and composed by Albert Guinovart. Radio excerpts courtesy RAC-1 Catalan Radio and "Los Misterios nos Miran" Music by DunJIN, Kai Engel, Blue Dot Sessions, Parvus Decree, La Niña de los Peines: Pastora Imperio.