Grace of the Sea

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Luis Gutierrez Sanchez had been living in a single-car garage in South L.A. for six years when he had to move. Fearing city inspectors, his landlord told him to get out. But he had nowhere to go. 

Packing would have to wait. He had to work. To make money, he sold bacon-wrapped, pineapple-stuffed hot dogs on a street corner a few blocks away.

Before heading out, he put on a loose fitting pink sweater and tied a pink scarf around his head. He wore a dangly silver earring, dark pink lipstick and a pair of big round purple tinted sunglasses. He’s used to this transformation, having performed drag shows. “When I look at myself I say ‘Luis, you are not Luis no more. Now you are Grace. Grecia del Mar. Grace of the Sea.’ So get ready.”



David Weinberg