Welcome to LA

Welcome to LA

Los Angeles is a city carved out of the desert – a conjured image of paradise. These are the stories of people who learn what lies beyond the dream – yacht parties with theremin makers that end on the rocks, low-budget filmmaking that blurs the line between truth and fiction, movie stars and Hollywood hopefuls whose stories seem too crazy to be true. Welcome to Los Angeles.

Lost Notes is a podcast from KCRW. It's about music, and artistic legacy, and people. Listen to this episode about David Bowie's favorite rock band, Fanny.

Trevor Pan launched his architecture career by building his first building with his own hands in a barren patch of Arizona desert.

Before he launched one of the most successful porn companies in America, Rob Navarro was a chart topping Christian rock star and the voice of Ronald McDonald.

Luis Gutierrez Sanchez, also known as "Grace of the Sea," had been living in a garage in South LA for six years.

The Court TV genre started with a frustrated game show producer who pitched an idea that would make housewives’ fantasies come true. That show tanked.

Tyreek Bilal has gone through many transformations in his life.

When a suspicious couple and a former soap opera actress applied to rent an apartment, they wanted to deposit an entire year’s rent into the building owners bank account.

Kevin Gage was an actor who played villains in some of the biggest Hollywood action movies of the mid ‘90s to the early aughts.