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EpisodeMichael Ondaatje: Warlight (Part II)
Michael Ondaatje’s Warlight alters the rules about how big a novel’s canvas can be; it gives the feeling of completeness without telling all the secrets.
EpisodeBob Moses: Heaven Only Knows
Grammy-award winning duo Bob Moses have released their first new music since their head-spinning debut album. Appealing to rock and dance music fans alike, "Heaven Only Knows' mixes classic songwriting with slinky guitar work and an EDM beat.
EpisodeStarting over
This is Rob Long, and on today’s Martini Shot I buy one of those organizer apps to make a to-do list of things I want to put into my other organizer app and I keep track of all of it using a notebook and a pen. So yeah, I’m writing.
Episode Troff documentLatest Wednesday Broadcast
The latest Wednesday broadcast of All Things Considered.
Episode Troff documentTrump signs order banning family separations, so what's next?
Today President Trump signed an executive order banning family separations at the border. His “zero tolerance” immigration policy caused the separations in the first place. It’s been an explosive political issue, with even the first lady urging her husband to change course.
Episode“Shut up and stop doing things.”
That’s the advice you should be getting from your lawyer if you’re under investigation.
EpisodeRaul Campos guest hosts
Raul Campos sits in for Jason Bentley.
Episode object codeLove Means Zero
A Grand Slam of an interview with tennis coaching legend Nick Bollettieri. [Explicit Content]
EpisodeLAPD releases edited use of force video, voluntarily
The LAPD is out with a new video that details the actions of its officers leading up to the death of man in police custody.
EpisodeThe Midnight Hour: So Amazing (feat. Luther Vandross)
Two of Hip-Hop's most skilled composers Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest and Adrian Younge have partnered as The Midnight Hour. Together, they deliver an exquisite debut album showcasing their musical chops. Today's Top Tune is very proud to offer a re-imagining of Luther Vandross' 1986 classic "So Amazing."
EpisodeLatest Show
Jason Kramer features selections that range from carefully curated music from around the world with unique gems and quality tracks that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning music aficionados.
EpisodeLatest Show
Future beats and a mind-melting mix of fuzz, bass, and funk.
EpisodeLatest Show
Garth Trinidad hosts a progressive mix of soul, hip-hop, and world rhythms. Listen On-Demand to the latest show.
EpisodeWhen Artistic Inspiration Becomes Obsession
Goldman talks about artists’ fascinations that turn into obsession.
Episode Troff documentBrown water, murky oversight
If you sit down with residents who live in the south L.A. communities of Compton and Willowbrook, there is a good chance clean water would be a topic of conversation. Many are complaining about brown-colored water coming out of their taps and a foul odor. The water in that area is overseen by a relatively unknown agency, which maintains the water is safe to drink. But not everyone is buying that, including one local member of Congress.
Episode Troff documentLatest Tuesday Broadcast
The latest Tuesday broadcast of All Things Considered.
Episode D source codeMorphosis designs OCMA, is childhood overdesigned?
Orange County Museum of Art gets new a museum designed by Morphosis Architects, and it tips its hat at Richard Serra’s “Connector.” Will it bring urban life to suburban Costa Mesa? And design critic Alexandra Lange explores “good” toys and playgrounds and wonders if children would be just as free and creative if left to play with a cardboard box.
EpisodeWhat happens to kids separated from their parents at the border?
Some 2000 immigrant kids have been separated from their families at the border. Their parents could be deported while they remain here. It’s becoming more difficult to find relatives to take them in because they, too, are afraid of being deported.
EpisodeLatest Show
The latest show from Morning Becomes Eclectic, hosted by Jason Bentley. New releases, artists, live performances, and artist interviews. At KCRW.com.
EpisodeKamasi Washington
We host groundbreaking musician Kamasi Washington for the live radio debut behind his highly anticipated sophomore album Heaven and Earth, out on June 22. The LA native is pushing jazz forward like no one else and will bring an 8-piece band to The Village for this live set.
EpisodeWhat the age of merger mania means for television
After a judge gave the official go-ahead to the AT&T-Time Warner merger last week, the race is on for other media companies to combine in an effort to gain scale.
Episode Troff documentThe battle over water in Santa Barbara's high desert
In California, we talk a lot about water: where it comes from, how much we need, and when it’ll dry up. In the Cuyama Valley, which sits in the high desert between Santa Barbara and Bakersfield, “drying up” isn’t just an abstract fear. Cuyama is a farming town that’s pumping its water faster than the rain replaces it. Now, the community must come together and figure out a way forward before there’s nothing left.
Episode Octet StreamReintroducing grizzly bears to coastal California
Today's North American grizzly bears are mostly found in the remote mountains of Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska, but back in the 1800s, coastal California was prime grizzly country. Brown bears were some common in the coastal ranges that they were known as the “chaparral bear.” Now, a group of Californians wants to reintroduce them to the state, but not everyone’s on board.
Episode application/x-internet-signupSnapchat is leaving Venice, but its imprint remains
Description: Snapchat is shedding its startup feel and moving into a big campus in Santa Monica. But has Venice changed, for good?
EpisodeLatest Show
Broken beats, soulful key chords, samples and sounds.
Episode Octet StreamGrace of the Sea
Luis Gutierrez Sanchez, also known as "Grace of the Sea," has been living in a garage in South LA for six years. He sells bacon-wrapped, pineapple-stuffed hot dogs on a street corner a few blocks away to make a living. Miraculously good at finding beauty in dark places, he tells his story of surviving as a gay undocumented immigrant in Los Angeles.
Episode object codeJohnny Marr: Hi Hello
Johnny Marr, co-founding member of The Smiths, says: “This is the most complete thing I’ve ever done. There are no songs I’m not sure about. And for me as a listener, it’s made up of entirely the music I like, and have liked.” Can't beat that recommendation, give a listen to "Hi Hello" and hear for yourself!
EpisodeAaron Byrd guest hosts
Aaron Byrd sits in for Garth Trinidad.
Episode ECMAScript programSouth Orange County Still Mum on Homeless Sites
Non-committal by region's mayors on federal judge mandate irritates rest of OC.
Episode Troff documentLatest Monday Broadcast
The latest Monday broadcast of All Things Considered.

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