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EpisodeAaron Byrd guest hosts
Aaron Byrd sits in for Anne Litt.
EpisodeBack to the future with the onslaught of streamers
As more and more new streaming services start to come on board later this year, the whole TV situation--including how much you pay and who's in charge of the content--is starting to feel awfully familiar.
EpisodeEmma Thompson leaves Skydance Animation project following Lasseter hire
When former head of Pixar and Disney Animation John Lasseter was forced to leave following allegations of inappropriate behavior, and was then hired by Skydance to run its animation department, there was blowback among some female animators.
EpisodeSam Lipsyte: Hark
A novel that presents ambiguity as a constant feature of modern life,   Hark   is a book full of tensions, written with Sam Lipsyte’s fine grain strangeness, and absent of easy answers.
EpisodeWhere dreams go to die
Some people in Merced had high hopes for the bullet train, but now the Central Valley city will just be the terminus of a train line to nowhere.
EpisodeLatest Show
Exploring Berlin's influence on Techno, Electro and left field culture.
Episode Troff documentVenice Loses Abbot’s Habit
Abbot’s Habit was one of the classic Venice hangouts. On Abbot Kinney Blvd., right in the thick of things, this coffee shop / cafè dive welcomed all comers ­ locals, tourists, young and old, creative types, rich and homeless.
EpisodeProducts of Their American Dream
Peter Lee grew up in the heart of Los Angeles while his Korean immigrant parents built a life and a family business (LA Speedy Apparel Manufacturing).
Episode Octet StreamVampire of Barcelona
Enriqueta Marti was a real-life monster who roamed the streets of 20th Century Barcelona  collecting bones and kidnapping children. Except, of course, she wasn’t.
EpisodeLatest Show
The latest show from Morning Becomes Eclectic, hosted by Jason Bentley. New releases, artists, live performances, and artist interviews. At
EpisodeDeath in Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks was never just a TV show: it was an obsession and an apparition. In its 2017 incarnation, the real-life deaths of several cast members hang spectrally over the proceedings.
EpisodePushing her Limits on her Bicycle
Martina Blumenthal has found passion in cycling. She loves the terrain and the views and the weather here for riding her bike. She is driven to improve, but still, it reminds her of the freedom and joy of riding her bike as young girl in Germany.
Episode chemical/x-pdbPresident Trump, Russia and the 25th Amendment
Senior officials in the Trump Justice Department really have suspected the president of allegiance to Russia. They considered invoking the 25th Amendment. That’s according to former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe.
EpisodeLatest Show
Jeremy Sole hosts a sonic trip through the past, present and future of Roots music. Listen On-Demand to the latest show.
EpisodeLatest Show
Future beats and a mind-melting mix of fuzz, bass, and funk.
EpisodeLatest Show
Garth Trinidad hosts a progressive mix of soul, hip-hop, and world rhythms. Listen On-Demand to the latest show.
Episode chemical/x-mdl-rdfileOverheard
This is Rob Long, and on today’s Martini Shot I listen in on a conversation between a writer and someone giving the writer some very tough feedback on the writer’s latest script, which the writer is now really regretting having asked for.
EpisodeIs California ready for an autobahn?
High-speed rail is going off the tracks. Now state Republicans are floating the idea of an autobahn through the Central Valley.
EpisodeWill free medical school make health care more affordable?
Kaiser Permanente is building its first medical school, and tuition will be free for the first five graduating classes. NYU is offering free tuition indefinitely.
EpisodeI’m sorry, Judge Jackson
Is Roger Stone for real?
EpisodeLatest Show
Jason Kramer features selections that range from carefully curated music from around the world with unique gems and quality tracks that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning music aficionados.
Episode D source codeAlex Lilly: “Pornographic Mind”
Alex Lilly has been on the touring circuit with the likes of Beck, Lorde and master guitarist Ry Cooder for years, so it's a pleasure to hear her debut full-length album.
EpisodeFool Me Once, Fool Me Twice: The Pleasure Is Mine
Edward Goldman talks about recuperating from all the crowded art fairs in LA with quiet visits to exhibitions across town.
Episode text/texmacsPolice Transparency Law Gets Stuck in Courts
A landmark bill signed by then-Governor Brown last year is intended to make records of police misconduct available to the public.
EpisodeThe costume, hair and makeup artists that make Hollywood sparkle
Would Christian Bale be nominated for his portrayal of Dick Cheney without help from prosthetics? Will 3D printed crowns beat out bejeweled crowns?
Episode D source codeWhat are the challenges for Bernie Sanders in his presidential bid?
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced this morning he’s running for president in 2020. He almost won the democratic nomination in 2016. Can he do it in 2020? We look how Sanders stacks up against an already crowded Democratic field.
Episode ECMAScript programBand of Skulls: “Cool Your Battles”
April brings the spring and in this case, a new album by UK rockers Band of Skulls. Our first listen is "Cool Your Battles," full of swagger - this anti-war song tells us to stop spending energy fighting and do something positive.
EpisodeLatest show
Valida seamlessly blends a variety of music styles that include: indie rock, house, electro, disco, world rhythms, golden-era hip-hop, and some classic 80s, pop, punk, and reggae thrown in for good measure.
EpisodeKamala Harris and the OC Snitch Scandal
Will her approach to local jailhouse informant controversy harm the presidential ambitions of California's junior senator?
EpisodeA method to the political madness
The Actors’ Gang has two things that run through their productions: style and politics.  The style is a distant relative of Commedia Dell’Arte, the Italian comic tradition built around stock characters like Harlequin, Pantalone, the corrupt judge.