5 Reasons To See The First Episode Of “Crate Diggers”

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UPDATE: Watch more of the episode above!

Tonight — Monday (Nov. 16) — marks the premiere of “Crate Diggers” on Fuse’s FM.TV website. KCRW’s Monday midnight marauder Anthony Valadez hosts an “introspective look at the vinyl records that inspire artists and writers,” so naturally he went straight to Morning Becomes Eclectic and Metropolis host Jason Bentley for this first episode, taping inside the core of KCRW in our very own music library.

I asked Anthony for five reasons why any newcomer should tune in. This is what he had to say:

  1. “I’m hosting! #Hollllllla”
  2. “Episode No. 1 features Jason Bentley! I grew up listening to Jason as a kid in L.A., so to be able to explore his home record collection and also see him geek out on certain records was absolute gold!”
  3. “It’s on Monday nights at 11:45 p.m. PST! Perfect lead-in to my incredible radio show on KCRW! They don’t call me Mr. Monday Night for nothing!” [Ed. note: Mr. Monday Night may actually be Anthony’s legal name]
  4. “We talk to eight different record diggers, each involved in different capacities of music ranging from radio, production, remixing, and various other capacities.”
  5. “Each subject takes us to their favorite record shop where they tell us their secret digging tips.”
Jason Bentley and Anthony Valadez (Photo: FM.TV)