5 Songs Released in 2014 That Will Make You Feel All of the Feelings

Written by
Real Estate

Feelings, ugggh! Am I right?

Don’t you sometimes wish that we could evolve past them already? At the very least, robot brain transplants should definitely be a thing by now. However, since evolution and technology have failed us up to this point, and we’re going to have to feel stuff anyway, why not go all in?

I think we can all agree that very few things have the power to make us feel as deeply as certain songs.

These five songs ones that I anticipate returning to a lot over the years.

Real Estate – “Had to Hear”

Melancholically beautiful and intricate guitar work builds a perfect foundation for a wistful narrative about calling a former romantic partner probably because you just don’t want to be alone.

It rings equally as true whether you’ve done exactly that, or you’ve merely allowed yourself to entertain the thought that if you hadn’t broken up with that guy a couple of years ago… well, you wouldn’t necessarily be happy, but you also wouldn’t spend so much time having to numb out the disappointment of that latest super promising and flirty meet cute conversation resulting in nothing.

Shamir – “If it Wasn’t True”

This track covers a different stretch of break-up song territory.

The lyrics are as emotional as those in the Real Estate song, if not more so. Most of the lines actually begin with some version of “I feel…” going so far at one point as to state “I want to cry I want to feel emotion, now I’m kicking and screaming and having a cow.”

But the off-kilter dance beat, and Shamir’s nonchalant delivery give the whole thing an overall vibe of “I’ll be laughing about this later… like in a few hours.” Plus “Girl, I wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t true” is a pretty great kiss off line.

Kindness – “World Restart”

From the very beginning of this track you just know it’s going to be something special. Adam Bainbridge’s stellar production – deep beats that you feel in the depths of your soul, a sultry pace that takes it’s own damn time, saxophone solos (!) – give perfect atmosphere and weight to the gorgeously combined vocals of Kelela and Ade.

They sing the song’s mission statement, “I felt the world restart, I felt the world begin…” as if it were already true, and not just something that the rest of us were wishing would please hurry up and happen already.

Jenny Lewis – “Slippery Slopes”

This song, as the title might suggest, is a perfectly uncomfortable navigation of life as a “cool girl” with a creative (i.e. unpredictable) job, and an open relationship. Over the past couple
of years, I’ve watched more than a few of my friends either attempt polyamory, or open relationships. It’s fascinating stuff, but it also bums me out on a deeper level than I care to admit.

Isn’t it hard enough to find one person with whom you share a mutual attraction, and a mutual willingness to make time and space for?

Lewis’ knowing narrative on this track assures you that if those things do happen to fall into place, then there are new anxieties waiting for you just around the corner.

Still, it’s so nice to have a very measured female perspective on a very confusing subject represented in a “pop” song.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow – “Bye Bye Big Ocean (The End) (Ice Choir Remix)”

This is the one song on the list that truly lives up to the title of this blog post.

I feel EVERYTHING when I listen to it.

Most of the time when I find a remix that I like more than an original track, it’s because it’s made that track more upbeat/dancey/easy to mix in with other tracks.

Once in awhile though, something like this comes along and just completely knocks me out. The original version of this song is plenty beautiful, but in a noise-y disjointed kind of way complete with nearly indiscernible lyrics and vocals.

The Ice Choir remix, on the other hand puts the vocals front and center making them feel almost embarrassingly sincere.

Especially since those vocals are further enhanced by one of Kurt Feldman’s trademark 80’s worshiping synth-pop backing tracks.

If you can make it through the stunningly intense performance of the song’s last line without at least some serious spine shivers (if not tears) then you probably have one of those aforementioned robot brains! Uh, can I borrow it?