A Day of Dylan by DJ Chris Douridas

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It’s fun to fall head first into the great unknown and find that you’re better for having tumbled.

Eclectic24 began as an experiment, but the goal was to blend the best of everything that’s ever aired on KCRW into a forward leaning listening experience, championing our newest obsessions while resurfacing old favorites, rediscovered gems, and other songs from the periphery.

This past April we tried something new, creating a Coachella Takeover Weekend event, providing a sonic companion to those attending the event in body and in spirit. Listeners flocked to the channel in record numbers. The next level of E24 was born.

This Tuesday, we explore a similar concept as the channel strives to reveal the richness of a singular artist’s contribution. Typically, such adulation comes after a death. Let’s not be typical.

Like anyone, I’ve had my favorite songs over the years, but I confess I’d never really thoroughly researched the Dylan world. The albums, yes, but not the spin off surrounding his music. That usually happens when we have an artist in, as part of the extensive research that comes when prepping an interview. I’d never met him. We’ve asked many times, offered to go wherever he might be most comfortable, but he’s never been close to the KCRW microphones. I guess part of me always thought that day would come.

A Day of Dylan – celebrating the 75th birthday of Bob Dylan. Original masters, covers of and by Dylan, songs about Dylan, interview clips and music that has inspired him over the years.

Tuesday, May 24th noon – midnight PDT.
On KCRW’s radio app, hd2 channel and at kcrw.com/eclectic24.