A Letter from Anne Litt

Written by

To my listeners:

When I think about my time at KCRW, my first thought is about you. About the strength and support we’ve shared through the years. About our friendship. You’ve given me so much love through the milestones of my life, happy and sad  (the birth of my son, the loss of my parents). Sometimes I’ll meet one of you at an event, or hear from you in an email, and you will tell me how my show gave you some sustenance at a difficult time, or served as the soundtrack for an exciting one, and I will think to myself: you have no idea.

There isn’t a better time in my week than coming to the studio and playing music for you: sharing new discoveries, trying to reflect the mood of the day. For 22 years, I’ve been holding it down on weekends, nights and lots of holidays, in KCRW’s subterranean studio. Which is a lot of weekends, nights and holidays! So I’m taking some time off over the summer. It’s rumored there’s a lot to do and discover in this city on a weekend (aboveground) and I intend to see if the rumors are true.

In the meantime, Jason and I are excited to introduce you to some of the great talent we have on the air that you perhaps haven’t had the chance to hear. One of the things I’ve done behind the scenes at KCRW for years is train and work with DJ’s. A bunch of them I recruited to KCRW and many of them are on in the midnight hours. We’ve decided to make summer weekends eclectic and bring them to you to keep you company through your So Cal summer.

Finally, besides taking a vacation or two, I’m not going anywhere. Yes, for better or for worse (haha), you will hear me during the fund drive, and I’m looking forward to filling in for some of my favorite DJ’s when I’m in town, this summer. I’ll be here, part of the KCRW team, and still playing music both on the radio and out in the city.

Thank you for your love and support and let’s have a great summer together!

Much love,