A Special Moment with Oscar Contender Colin Firth and The King’s Speech

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From KCRW DJ Anne Litt:

Colin Firth and Anne LittIt’s “Oscar week” here in Hollywood.  The town is buzzing, all the streets are blocked off (I live near the Kodak Theater), and the KCRW Oscar pool is in full effect.  I confess that every year, I go to Oscar parties not so much for the actual awards, but to see friends and have dinner!

This year, I am looking forward to one category in particular though. Nominated for Best Actor is Colin Firth and, last fall I had the privilege of hosting him on KCRW’s Guest DJ Project.  Since it’s Oscar week, I wanted to share it again and tell you something that Mr. Firth and I did not talk about in the session, but was palpable in the room.

The day he came to KCRW was the morning after The King’s Speech had been shown to its first public audience ever at the Telluride Film Festival.

That night after the screening was over, KCRW (and Wall Street Journal) film critic, Joe Morgenstern, accidentally sent an email to his entire email list that was apparently meant only for the art department at the Journal.  In it he raved about the Oscar worthiness of Mr. Firth’s performance and about the excellence of the film.  Joe quickly sent an email apologizing for the group email.

Because I was meeting Mr. Firth the next morning, I immediately reached out to Joe to get his take and he raved.  The next morning Colin Firth came to KCRW and was ebullient.  I realized that we were in this special pocket of time where not a word had been written or broadcast about this film yet but that the excitement about it was overwhelming.  It would all soon be discussed ad nauseum, but at KCRW we had this brief moment to enjoy his excitement with him through music.

His session is full of warmth, humor, wit, and exhilaration.  I feel so lucky that we were able to have him to KCRW at that amazing moment in time for him.

I invite you to listen to the session here.

– Anne Litt