Aaron Axelrod hijacks the KCRW Guest DJ Project – via Video

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Photo by Jeremiah Garcia / indiewrecked.com

If you were partying with us at KCRW’s Masquerade, you might have noticed some stunning visuals projected on the wall in the back terrace, as well as – front and center – a captivating indian dance ritual going on around a glowing dome. That was the fascinating live performance art of Aaron Axelrod.

Love him!!!! So I was so happy when our beloved RR hooked me up with the L.A. Based painter. Aaron has more energy and enterprise than you can handle without losing your mind. Embark on this visual trip with him as he hijacks the KCRW Guest DJ concept, takes it to video, and brings you his 5 favorite songs.

KCRW’s Rob Lafond produced the video, weaving in the audio and the hallucinatory imagery of “Melting Rainbows,” the live visual performance by the L.A. artist that caught our attention here at KCRW. Both his artwork and his song selections are sure to melt your face – one segment at a time.

Take a look, and as Aaron suggests at the end… send us your video response on YouTube where you talk about your 5 favorite songs and why you chose them!