Actor Jason Schwartzman on MBE

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Jason and Jason
Jason and Jason

Actor Jason Schwartzman (Fantastic Mr. Fox, HBO’s Bored to Death) dropped by Morning Becomes Eclectic today to spin some of his favorite songs and talk about his own musical ambitions as Coconut Records. Jason says he never saw himself as a big movie star and music was always a more appealing art form since he could make it alone in his bedroom. Coconut Records’ debut album “Nightiming” was recorded in 8 days at a friend’s house and he only released it to the public at the urging of his brother. Jason seemed tickled to be in the KCRW studio and dedicated songs to his dog (“Arrow”) and his new wife (“That Summer Feeling”). He also professed his love for the Arctic Monkeys (“Cornerstone”) and played a track off the solo album by The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas (“Glass”). He also spun a song by Soft called Droppin.’ The band is fronted by his friend Johnny Reineck and its off their debut “Gone Faded.”

If you missed it live, hear it here.