Actress Judy Greer is Our Guest DJ!

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Judy Greer with host Eric J Lawrence by Larry Hirshowitz

Judy seems to be in just about everything and, if you don’t recognize her name, you probably recognize her face from shows like the Big Bang Theory or her blurred out chest from her memorable scenes as Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Development. Or perhaps you’ve heard of a little movie coming out this weekend called “Carrie”?

Judy probably didn’t set out to give relationship advice in her Guest DJ Project set for KCRW, but she sure did – all via an Arcade Fire song her husband played for her:

On “Neighborhood #1: Tunnels” by Arcade Fire:

“Someone once told me that when a man plays you a song, that you should always listen to the lyrics because it’s harder for men to communicate their feelings and emotions in words. They have an easier time playing you a song.

And while I would say most of my girlfriends, generally speaking, we respond to music based on tone, emotion, the energy of the music, the sound of the singer, I feel like men really respond to the lyrics in music and they really respond to what a song is saying. And that’s maybe how they can relate to a situation in their life, or a person, or a feeling they don’t know how to put to words. I feel like it’s important when guys play song for you and when guys play you mix tapes — you got to listen to the lyrics and see what they’re trying to tell you.”

In her Guest DJ set, she also calls the Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde her “favorite female vocalist of all time” and reveals her love of grunge. Check it out!